Great Alternatives To iDVD Mac Lion

or those of you who have been using Macs, you are certainly happy to receive the new upgrades for your device. Sadly, though, the iDVD did not receive any upgrades in the new iLife ’11 suite. This has somehow disappointed many users but all hope is not lost. You can still be able to download iDVD software that will enable you to continue burning your stuff to DVD discs. Developers have come up with several great alternatives to iDVD Mac lion. Even though these apps do not work as well as Apple’s iDVD, they are the next best thing consumers have. Some of these alternatives are:

  • MovieGate

This is a wonderful application from Small DVD but it is not as powerful as iDVD. However, it allows users to create DVDs that have chapter support and animated menus with subtitles, sub-menus, and photo slide shows. Many people do not find the interface of this app nearly as attractive as that of iDVD. Nevertheless, if you desire DVD authoring software that offers continues updates, then this might be great for you. MovieGate is available for free download.

  • SmallDVD

This simple tool allows you to take any type of video files and add them to a DVD ISO image, which you can then burn onto a DVD disc via a disc utility. This app does not have any features. However, it is appealing to most people because it creates simple DVDs that have static background menus. An added advantage of SmallDVD is that it creates an ISO file that you can then share to iDisk or DropBox. Someone else can then be able to download and view the fileon another PC using the ISO only. You do not need an optical drive. This application is also available for free download.

  • Roxio Toast 10 Titanium

Many people have the impression that Toast is meantonly for making DVD backups of data or creating disc-to-disc copies. Nevertheless, this tool can also create anexcellent custom DVD, which you can be able to play on any DVD player. The custom menu and the creation controls of Toast are not as impressive as those of iDVD are. Even so, the software has amazing features of its own such as the capability to burn Tivo, web videos and EyeTV directly to a DVD disc. It also allows you to create photo slides shown on the DVD directly. The software is available for less than $90.