How to Extend the Battery Life of your Laptop

There are many tips out there on how you can extend the battery life in your laptop. Some are common knowledge and some may not be common knowledge but you can find them on any website that deals with laptops and laptop batteries. Then there are the more involved and somewhat in depth tips for most computer novices out there. These may require some extensive computer knowledge to accomplish and/or a friend that has a master’s degree from Harvard in laptop batteries. So, what is the average day to day laptop user supposed to do to reap all the benefits of laptop battery life longevity? First let’s look at the common tips that are sucking your laptop’s battery life down to a lifeless casing.

  • Try making your screen dimmer. The brighter your screen is set for the more the internal workings of your beloved laptop have to work which          means the battery life will suffer
  • Minimize background processes again less work for the laptop and less work for the battery
  • Don’t use your CD/DVD drive
  • Disable the wireless antenna when not in use.

So, there are the basic tips to extend your laptops battery life that everyone can do own their own at home with parental supervision (Disclaimer: parental supervision may or may not be necessary depending on the person in question).
Now, let’s look at the more challenging ways of extending your laptop’s battery life. The first thing that needs to be done is to get more use out of your battery in between charges. The fewer times the battery needs a charging the more it adds on to the life of the battery. The best way to do this is to reconfigure your hard drive, considering your hard drive is taking up lots of the battery’s energy. Another way is to turn off all unused ports and components such as Ethernet and the HDMI port.

Now let’s look at way to extend the batteries life. Batteries hate to be overheated and with the amount of hours we all spend on our computers each day everyone should invest in a cooling fan. You can also remove the battery when your laptop is plugged in to the AC outlet and make sure your laptop is stored in a clean area free of dirt and debris.