Locating Old Computer Components Can Be Difficult

You could have a hard time locating old computer parts, which can be frustrating since they can be necessary to either fixing or maintaining your computer system. When one thinks of old computer parts, they don’t need to think of the dusty and cobweb-covered antique radios, like those that might be found in Dr. Brown’s laboratory in “Back To The Future.” At one time, computer longevity was likely to be as low as three years, and the modern estimate is 5-7 years. But, for a number of us that have had a computer for longer than three years, we would not have the money or the desire to replace our computers that often and it may be a little shocking for people when they hear that fact.

The reason behind this thinking is not because the elements of the computer are breaking or failing, it’s more due to the fact that computer technology is growing faster and faster with every passing year. Over the past decades, computer programs has constantly become more useful and more powerful, while computer hardware has become faster, contains more memory, is lighter, and lasts longer on a battery charge. However, with all this excitement comes the scenario when a computer user takes advantage of the latest software or operating system release only to discover that his perfectly operating hardware no longer has the capacity to run the new software.

However, some far-thinking computer systems manufacturers, looking ahead to the necessity of upgrades for their products, made their computers expandable. For instance, computers containing only 1 M of RAM memory actually may have the capacity to accept 4M. Many computers, that have the expandable components, have a standard interface that allows for new memory to slip into an older computer. Some components may not be this way. In the same vein, if a computer component does fail, the availability of the part are probably not very good. Many irritated consumers learn the hard way, that the computer they purchased just a couple years ago, has had many upgrades and the manufacturers may not service the older models.

One prime example of a component that may be challenging to replace is a motherboard. The motherboard is the primary circuit board that holds the interface for all the other components within the computer. The main attribute of a motherboard is that it is non-standard; a motherboard from one computer will seldom substitute for that of another computer. They do have a non-trivial failure rate after many years, even though, they are not the most common failure mechanism of a computer. One of the main issues with the motherboard, is the breakdown of the electrolytic capacitors that are housed in the power stream of the motherboard. Some handy do it yourselfers get in and repair the motherboard by soldering in new capacitors, however, this expertise is beyond the range of most computer owners. To perform this task at the repair center usually costs nearly as much as replacing the entire computer.

The solution is to find an identical motherboard from another computer of the same model. There are now parts supply stores that are created to supply this need. You will find many of these online and the process is fairly easy, they will need some info about your computer to send you the part, and then you can replace it yourself or go to a pc repair shop instead.

Hewlett Packard Q2612A (12A) Toner Cartridge Ensures Excellent Print Quality

Toner cartridges, which are also known as laser toners, contain a mixture of coloring agents and plastic particles. Printers generally use heated rollers to transfer the toner from the drum unit to paper. There are three types of toner cartridges: remanufactured, compatible, and genuine toners. Compatible cartridges are manufactured by third party companies and marketed under different brands. It is believed that these cartridges are capable of exceeding the quality of genuine or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) brands. Genuine cartridges are generally expensive, which is why they often serve as cost-effective alternatives to OEM products. Remanufactured ones require a process wherein compatible or genuine cartridges are cleaned and defective parts are replaced. Some consumers buy OEM cartridges from specialist retailers in order to take advantage of lower prices. The aftermarket toner sector, which emerged in the 1980s, allowed consumers to purchase cheaper products. There was a time when users had to replace their printers in order to avoid buying expensive toners. Hewlett Packard’s Q2612A (12A) compatible toner cartridge, which is priced at $17.94, features high-quality drums that allow consumers to take advantage of their HP LaserJet Printers’ capabilities.

The HP Q2612A (12A) toner cartridge was designed for the company’s LaserJet 1012 printer. The laser toner, which generates sharp and clear printouts, has a 2,200-page yield at 5% coverage. The process of refilling the monochrome laser toner is fairly simple. It requires the removal of original toner in the cartridge. The cartridge should not be overfilled by pouring the entire toner. A funnel cap should also be used in order to make sure that the toner is fully transferred.

There are instances where the toner stops flowing even though the cartridge is not yet full. This problem can be solved easily; users just need to remove the toner, put on the lid, and turn the bottle upside down. Users are advised to avoid pressing down on the plug in order to minimize the risk of damaging the cartridge. Shaking the cartridge is an effective way of distributing the toner throughout the whole unit. The Q2612A (12A) is also compatible with the following HP printers: HP 1010, 1018, 1020, 1022, 1022n, 1022nw, 3015, 3020, 3030, and 3050.

HP is known for its high-quality printers and laser toners, and the Q2612A (12A) is no exception. The product ensures that users will be satisfied with excellent and reliable print quality. Consumers can also avoid ink streaks and leaks, making the printing process more enjoyable. HP’s products are also supported by the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability. HP has a recycling initiative that involves collecting empty laser toners and transporting them to different countries. The firm’s partnership with an Asian company also aims to reuse plastic collected from these products. It is believed that refilled toners are more environmentally friendly than brand new products because they are less dependent on petroleum during the production process. Estimates show that more than 200 liters of oil are used for new cartridges.

Technologies That May Emerge in 2014

There used to be a time when gadgets and devices of today were impractical to implement or were just a concept. Realization of these concepts slowly came into existence as technology scientists focused their efforts for their respective inventions. Even today’s economy is more based on new concepts and their implementation to stand out in the global market. Organizations deploy full-time dedicated research department to come up with new concepts using existing as well as new technologies to provide highly sophisticated product.

Some of the technologies that may emerge in upcoming years are discussed here. These technologies are based on the studies and research practices which are conducted by large and independent organizations.

  • Smart-watches
Different smartphone companies like Apple, Samsung and Google are said to be working on creating computing devices which can be worn as a Wrist Watch. Though not officially announced, but insights from different independent organizations show that something is going on about it. Google even filed a patent for their smart-watch design in October 2012 but hasn’t declared when the product will hit the market.

  • Brainwave Authentication
Researchers at University of California at Berkley’s school of Information mentioned about their study on creating a more secure authentication protocol. Instead of using conventional password protection methods, these researchers used a Bluetooth headset called NeuroSky Mindset to identify the wave patterns and activities inside the emotion and concentration dominant areas of a brain to unlock the system.

  • Bitcoin
Bitcoin is the future of digital currency and is quite popular over the web these days. Though not practiced in all the areas, Bitcoin is secure, anonymous and simple to use and manage for a variety of online transactions. The major problem with Bitcoin which hinders its acceptance is its peer-to-peer and decentralized nature. The absence of a central regulatory authority fluctuates its value exponentially, citation for which can be seen in its sudden rise in value from $5 to $250 and then sudden shrink of about $150 per Bitcoin.

  • 3-D Printing
The concept of printing solid objects using a printing machine guided with a computer program has gained tremendous popularity. Though the concept is not new, the extension of the concept is being practiced nowadays which aims at printing a whole building using giant 3-D printers.As the concepts and creativity matures with time, the efforts in realizing them also increase each year. Importance of research in the field of technology can be experienced with the current practices of businesses on innovation.

Applications Of Stencil Ink

With quick and continuous application possibilities, and a wonderful stylistic versatility, stencils and stencil ink can accentuate anything from fine art and entertainment venues to corporate and commercial sites and purposes. Through the years stenciling has developed into a tradition of arts and crafts as well as political and government statements and communication. Doing stenciling your own self is an easily doable task. Because there are many different methods out there, and applications of them, here are some of those possibilities.

Some of the more readily available methods of applying ink to create desired stencil effects comprise of sponges, rollers, and brushes. Depending on the results you are looking for each can generate different texture results, while being fast and unique. Sponges are usually used for metallic inks where a smoother finish or blending effects are preferred. Having a quick consistent method can speed up the process for these stencil undertakings. Removing unnecessary ink from the sponge after dipping while you are working with it will help your end product look better. By removing the excess while you are working with it you can reduce the chances of mess from seepage underneath the stencil. With smooth movements, the sponge should be easily wiped over the stencil area, with gentle pressure applying the ink into each of the little crevasses and openings.

Just as the process of painting a whole room or exterior is expedited by having rollers, stenciling larger projects and designs can be made simple by using rollers as well. Rollers reduce the risk of any of your sponges and brushes snagging at the edges and maybe tearing or damaging the stencil itself. You should work the ink into the roller by lowering it into the stencil ink and rolling it around. Slowly roll your roller on a paper towel to get rid of any excess ink once it is entirely covered in ink. The real reason for avoiding the excessive application of paint or ink onto a sponge or roller is that it helps you to eliminate the risks of the ink seeping beneath the stencil. Using these and other professional tools can enable you to produce the right results in your projects.

One advised method for applying ink to the stencils that brings good results is to begin from the outside of the piece, and then work toward the middle. This technique also helps to make a cleaner finish and helps prevent the edges from blurring, along with organize and simplify the project. Limiting the amount of ink on the applicator helps with the finish and it is important to remember that it is simpler to apply thin coats of stencil ink more evenly than thick coats. This is the case even if you have to apply a number of coats in order to have the right appearance. It is with some difficulty that you are able to normally hold a stencil it is in place by hand, especially if the surface area is large. To keep the stencil in place you can tape or tack them properly. Maintain the stencils clean following use, and don’t store them on their sides or anywhere else but flat if you hope to use them again. If a stencil is stored on it’s side there is a prospect it can bend or buckle out of shape, while with flat storage the stencil can maintain a flat shape enabling you to use it many times. With so many facts to consider, always remember to enjoy the process.